Hey there, this is guest post by Dan!

Man, I can’t believe CGHUB closed. For those who don’t know what CGHUB is, it was a giant repository of digital art, and a community for professional artists. Lots of artists had their portfolio on CGHUB, and made it so much sadder when these people lost their work. Can you imagine having no backups? And for those who did, they lost the function of having a free portfolio for their professional clients, and even those who had accounts just to favorite lost their folder of favorite art. If they forgot the artist’s name, or the artist does not have a backup website, it would be so hard to find again!

Worst of all, it was the loss of community that counted. CGHUB was a place where I benefited from tutorials, a lot of it in the message boards, where people would give paintovers, advice and extremely good tutorials (Better than in a lot of drawing books!). I don’t know if I could’ve gotten this good in photoshop without the help of CGHUB and Ctrl+Paint.

Word is, that the party who owns the website’s code decided to pull the plug on them, leaving them high and dry. The founders of CGHUB are devastated, and are trying to rebuild a new platform called Shakuro.

For now, those who are interested can use the visually stunning ArtStation to host their works.

For community, I found that the concept art forums have a lot of good tutorials. However, the quality of the comments and community have declined significantly since it was first made. Due to questionable decisions by the founder, and the general rudeness of several long-time members, I probably wouldn’t spend too long reading non-tutorial posts here.

A better bet would be crimson daggers, a bit quiet but has a lot of great members. Don’t get stuck with the chitchat though, focus on practicing art.

Alright, so I got some requests to do a post on what I do for digital painting. I did a full post on it here so happy reading guys!

So what can we learn from this? We know that digital art should always be backed up. You would take backing up a real painting seriously, making sure that there is no cracking, that the paper is acid-free, the canvases are covered safely. Why wouldn’t you do the same with a digital painting? Your hours of hard work should be double/triple backed up to multiple clouds, you should have a hard drive with copies of your work, load it onto your personal website with a trustworthy host. There are no excuses!

If you don’t want to lose your work, don’t be a dummy, back it up 🙂

Alright, so now that the news portion is done, I want to know, what are your new year’s resolutions relating to art?

We spent the holidays being lazy bums and didn’t do any arting at all! Which was terrible but with the bustle of holiday travel and family being everywhere, Angela and me didn’t get a chance to do anything. So we decided that unlike last year, we wouldn’t bring our art stuff with us.

For this new year, I want to do at least one small study a day. Longer studies are great, but sometimes when they’re multiday studies, I get discouraged just seeing it sit there in the morning. To get over my procrastination, I started doing some lifehack stuff and reading efficiency blogs which I’ll share with you in a later post.

Finally as a reward for reading all this sad stuff about CGHUB’s passing, have pic of this cute puppy to cheer you up!

Cool beans, kids. Now get to work on your arts! *cracks whip*
Better get something done by the time I come back here!

Don’t forget your arting stuff while you’re at it, paper, pens, drawing tablets!

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