Today I want to answer some questions about the Cintiq look-alike, the Huion GT190. Lots of people see that its slick design mimics the Wacom Cintiq and wonder if it is just as good. What I can tell you is that the GT190 looks solid and hefty just like the Cintiq.
But looks aren’t everything. Let’s take a deep look under the hood to find out if it’s worth your money.
The Huion has a pivoting tab and locking base so that you can tip your tablet in any position that’s comfortable for you. It comes with a pen that is heavier than normal, that’s because it has a compartment for normal batteries, which I don’t like. Why batteries? They make models that are battery free.
It depends on how you like to use your drawing tablets I suppose. If you are the kind that prefers a heavier mouse, you’ll like the heftiness of this stylus.
As far as color integrity, it looks extremely bright compared to the Cintiq and your work may look kind of washed out on the screen itself. But since you are misinterpreting the colors while operating the Huion, after you export the painting, it might look dark and not at all balanced on another screen.
The screen is also stiffer than what I expected and there is a noticeable flex or deflection of the surface when I press down with the pen. I’m not sure if I like this effect. It is like pressing your finger into an LCD screen.
But there are some good points to the Huion GT190. It gets significantly less hot than the largest Cintiq model, which at a huge 64lbs is like carrying 5 year old in your bag. It also scores another point over the Cintiq because it can be used as an extra regular screen on your computer.
It works with many different softwares and operating systems, but it lacks the multi-function buttons that characterize the wacom product line. Even though the Cintiq’s click style wheel kind of sucks.
I much prefer the smooth scroll wheel style they have on their other products like the Intuos Pro.
Alright, so basically I like it well enough. It does what It promises to do, but not a bit more.
I think my review was more than generous, some other reviewers have not been as nice. Check out this article “Huion GT190 Best Drawing Tablet”, at

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